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Dear Loyal Customers,

Regretfully, at this time we will not be able to continue production of our organic cultured vegetables.  The loss of our commercial kitchen in New York was a huge financial blow to us and now we are unable to continue production of our cultured vegetables.  However, we are not feeling defeated because we are shifting our focus to continuing to find and sell other unique health products in the form of supplements, as well as continuing our education programs (CHFS, GAPS, and Birth Renaissance).  Our hope is to educate people about how to make cultured foods for themselves as it is much cheaper for them and less of a carbon footprint on the planet.  Education, going forward, is our focus.

Thank you for the many years (over a decade) of support and while this decision may not support your needs for cultured veggies, below are some other retailers of fermented/cultured veggies that you might find locally, or that you can order online:

Find in Whole Foods and many other local health markets:
  • Bubbie's Sauerkraut
  • Wild Brine
  • Farmhouse Culture

Order Online:

If you wish to make veggie for yourself, you can find a library of helpful videos and instructions, as well as culture starters at:

We hope these resources and recommendations are helpful to you.  We sincerely wish you a lifetime of good health, and most importantly, a heart filled with joy and unconditional love to and from others.

Check out our new YouTube Channel for videos about the health benefits of consuming cultured veggies and how to prepare them should you wish to make them on your own.

Very Sincerely,

~ The Immunitrition Team

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