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What are Cultured Vegetables and why should you eat them?

MORE info about Cultured Foods!

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Immunitrition is the proud to present three blends of Organic Cultured Vegetables Garden Blend, Sea Blend and Sunshine Blend.  They are prepared with great care, using only the finest organic raw vegetables.  All kitchen utensils and materials used in the culturing process are washed in environmentally-friendly, chemical-free cleaning solutions and all veggies are washed in filtered, chlorine-free water.  

Immunitrition Organic Cultured Vegetables, or "CV's" as we like to call them, are a nutrient-dense food made from certified organic, shredded veggies.  NO SALT ADDED!  We combine them with L. Plantarum* probiotic then place them in tightly sealed, quart size mason jars where they are left to ferment (or culture) for five to seven days.  They are then refrigerated, slowing down the fermentation process. Try them today!  They're DELICIOUS! 

Immunitrition, LLC and their Organic Cultured Vegetables are not affiliated with any other manufacturer or brand of cultured vegetables.


 Cultured Vegetable Taste Tester (CVTT)If you've never tasted organic cultured vegetables or if you need to test which blends you like best, Immunitrition's Organic Cultured Veggie Taste Tester (CVTT) will take the guessing out of which blends to order. 

In each Taste Tester you'll receive one, 8 ounce jar of each of our scrumptious,
SALT-FREE organic blends - Garden, Sea, and Sunshine (see below) - 
PLUS one, 2 oz. bottle of Roasted Pumpkin Seed Oil, and one packet of finely ground Celtic Sea Salt, along with a portion/recipe/serving suggestions and information sheet. 

When your CVTT arrives, simply spoon out a 1/2 cup serving of cultured veggies in a dish, drizzle with a moderate amount of pumpkin oil, then sprinkle with a dash of sea salt.  Stir well and dive in!  Our Taste Testers make great gifts for any occassion! 
Cultured Vegetables supply fiber, vitamins, minerals and probiotics to your body, while Roasted Pumpkin Seed Oil supplies a healthy, balanced fatty acid profile to help build healthy bile, balance hormones and nourish cell membranes.  It's fabulous flavor is an added bonus!  Mix in Celtic Sea Salt for a boost in the essential minerals and electrolytes your body needs to function optimally.  Cultured veggies are the healthiest snack on earth!

Click here to buy your Cultured Veggie Taste Tester today!
Only $28.99 + S&H
   (Currently OUT OF STOCK) 


    Garden Blend                            Sea Blend                     Sunshine Blend

$18.99/quart*                                       $19.99/quart*                                        $18.99/quart*

* case discounts available

Each blend of Immunitrition's Organic Cultured Vegetables has a distinct and unique flavor.  We only buy
100% raw produce that is certified organic by the USDA.  Our culture activator is the highest quality probiotic
available on the market today!  Here's a breakdown of the ingredients we use to prepare each blend: 

Garden Blend - green cabbage, cucumber, collard, dill, parsley, red bell pepper, carrot and garlic, with a hint of granny smith apple, blended in a brine of celery juice inoculated with a probiotic culture starter.                      

Sea Blend - green cabbage, kale, daikon, wakame sea vegetable, carrot, and parsley, with a hint of granny smith apple blended in a brine of celery juice inoculated with a probiotic culture starter. 

Sunshine Blend - green cabbage, carrot, golden beet, sweet potato, yellow bell pepper, ginger and cilantro, with a hint of granny smith apple blended in a brine of celery juice inoculated with a probiotic culture starter.   

View Nutrition Facts Panels for each Organic Blend HERE

Probiotic Potency:
Each 6 to 8 ounce serving of our veggies (all blends) contains at or above 10 TRILLION organisms (54 billion per gram)!
  • ONE JAR (32 oz.) of our veggies is equal to 5 FULL BOTTLES OF A HIGH POTENCY PROBIOTIC! SUPPLEMENT!  A typical bottle of probiotic capsules (60 to 90 count) sells for $40 or more.  You would have to spend over $200.00 to receive the same potency of probiotic organisms that are in just ONE JAR ($20.00 or less) of our organic cultured vegetables.  
  • ONE CASE (SIX 32 oz. jars) is equal to 30 FULL BOTTLES OF A HIGH POTENCY PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT!  You would have to purchase over $1200.00 of probiotic supplements to receive the same potency of probiotic organisms that are in just ONE CASE ($105.00 value) of our organic cultured vegetables. 
Dr. Mercola states the following in an article on his website... "It's worth noting that each mouthful of fermented food can provide trillions of beneficial bacteria—far more than you can get from a probiotics supplement, which will typically provide you with colony-forming units in the billions. I thought this would be a good analysis, so I tested fermented vegetables produced with our probiotic starter culture to determine their probiotic potency and was astounded to discover they had 10 trillion colony-forming units of bacteria. Literally, one serving of vegetables was equal to an entire bottle of a high potency probiotic!" 

CLICK HERE for answers to FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about our Organic Cultured Vegetables!  

Become a Cultured Club Member and receive gift certificates, private promotions, and deeper discounts on cultured vegetables and more!

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This message is to inform you that as of Nov. 30th, 2015 we will be unexpectedly losing our lease in our commercial kitchen.  We have officially sold all of our remaining stock as of today, Monday, Nov. 23rd.  Therefore, we are completely out of stock and we will be halting all cultured veggie production as of TODAY, Nov. 23rd, 2015 until we find a new space.  We are not sure how long this process will take, but we most likely will NOT have veggies for purchase for the better part of a few months (Dec. 2015 through perhaps March of 2015).  Our goal is to secure a new commercial kitchen space as soon as possible, but as you all know, it takes time to find the right space at the right lease price, to build out a commercial kitchen, and to have it inspected by the state to be approved to open for business.  Unfortunately, this can sometimes take up to 3 to 6 months or more.  We promise to work as quickly as we can to get back into business, and we will certainly keep you posted here with periodic updates, so check back here often.  Thank you so much for over a DECADE of support and please know that we will be diligently working on a solution to get back into production as soon as humanly possible. 
~ The Immunitriton Team

Our Organic Cultured Vegetables are currently OUT OF STOCK - ALL BLENDS - INVENTORY HAS RUN OUT!  Note: We are still shipping existing orders (those that came in before today when we still had inventory), so please allow the usual 2 to 3 weeks for delivery. 

Please keep in mind that we are a small company and that we prepare our veggies by hand in small batches.  We rely on Mother Nature to culture our veggies, which can take up to one week or more and there is no way to "rush" this natural process. 

~ The Immunitrition Team

To purchase our delicious Cultured Veggies, Culturing Kits, Cultured Club Memberships, Immunitrition Gift Certficates and other high quality nutritional supplements and MORE, simply click on the shopping cart icon above or visit our ONLINE STORE.  You may also place your order by telephone by calling (877) 773-9229.  Orders by fax, send to: (480) 393-5410.

If you wish to e-mail us your order, please send your order details to:  All order inquiries will be answered within 48 hours

Immunitrition, LLC and their Organic Cultured Vegetables are not affiliated with any other manufacturer or brand of cultured vegetables.

Sell our veggies and make a commission on each sale!  Sign up for our Cultured Vegetable Affiliate Program

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Watch Caroline Barringer explain how cultured vegetables (CV's) aid in digestive and elimination processes, as well as supply your body with enzymes (metabolic spark plugs) to power up your body!

More educational videos about cultured foods can be seen at our official YouTube Channel!

Adding CV's to your diet can bring about many health benefits:

   CV's are a 100% raw, organic food loaded with beneficial enzymes.  The lactic acid produced during the     fermentation process aids in digesting all foods eaten along with them - especially proteins and starchy foods.

   CV's improve digestive processes.  The veggies are "pre-digested" by the beneficial probiotic organisms, which is very helpful to those with weakened digestive fire.

   CV's are alkaline-forming due to the abundant presence of vitamins and minerals.  They aid is replenishing vital mineral stores to aid in balancing systemic pH.

   CV's help control cravings for starchy and sweet foods when consumed on a consistent basis!  They make a GREAT substitute for salsa.  Try them with baked blue corn chips! 

   CV's are a "living" food, teeming with beneficial microorganisms.  These intelligent, little beings work hard to maintain your inner biosystem.  The L. Plantarum cultures we use are very hardy and cannot be destroyed by antibiotics.

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What our customers are saying:


   "Just wanted to say I got my Sunshine Blend today and it is so delicious. You gave me lots of suggestions over the phone about what to eat it with which I will try, too, but I must say it is very yummy just by itself.  Way tastier than the (other) brand.  I'm looking forward to trying the other blends as well.   ... I received my shipment today (Garden & Sea Blend) and have tried them both and love them!  I couldn't even say which is my favorite - I like all three so much.  Now I just have to be sure and reorder before I run out.  Have a happy, healthy week...  - Lori B. of California

   About three years ago I began having stomach (intestinal) problems after going through two very stressful years.  Even after changing my diet, my stomach was still very sensitive, and I suffered constantly with lots of bloating, gas and intestinal discomfort.  I experimented with enzymes which helped a little, but I was not getting the results I wanted.  About eight months ago I decided to give cultured vegetables a try, even though I was somewhat skeptical.  After only two days, my condition was much improved - less bloating, gas and discomfort, and bowel movements were normal. I still eat it twice a day - noon and evening meals, and am doing very well.  I recommended the cultured vegetables to two friends who had severe stomach problems after using antibiotics.   Both of them have done much better since using them.  One friend had been hospitalized twice for colitis, and was still sick.  Her condition started to improve in only one day after beginning the veggies.  She has had no diarrhea (about two months now).  I thank God for leading me to this product.  It works, and best of all, there are no adverse side effects to eating vegetables! - Brenda P. of Florida


   I just want to send you a heartfelt note on how wonderful your veggies are!  I really mean it.  I received the shipment on Saturday as you promised and tried them right away.  I am so thankful that I found your website and your products.  In response to your question, I used the "yahoo" search engine to look for cultured veggies.  I am going to be honest with you and tell you that I have tried many products.  I grew up in Poland where my family used to make CV's and kefir all the time.  In my town, people still eat just like nature intended, raw and very healthy.  After coming to USA, I still watched my diet, but was completely unaware of the poor quality of commercial poultry, meats and vegetables.  Most of the products in supermarkets are just stripped of the vital nutrients.  My life changed drastically, when at 27, recently newlywed, fresh out of college and ready to start the career that I loved, I was fighting for my life and facing the biggest beast of all...cancer!  At the beginning, I cried a lot.  But then, my question "why me" was replaced with "why not"!  Everything that had happened in my life was a blessing and a great lesson.  I met a wonderful group of people, who change lives of others and those whose lives change forever.  I came out stronger than ever.  I changed my diet, my environment...I started educating myself.  Today, I am happier than ever.  My doctor told me that "he does not know what priviledges I have up THERE...but I am 100% healthy and feel the luckiest person alive.  So, that is my story.  When I started looking for cultured veggies, there were a lot of options.  And, I tried...well, a lot of them.  Some l liked, some I really did not like at all...and some were so unpleasant that my husband was ready to move out because of the smell. haha!  And then, I found your website.  Everything that you presented seemed...just so honest and real.  I am the kind of person who has to connect, has to feel the positive energy surrounding a person or a product.  This good aura has to be present.  And, it was.  I need to let you know, that your veggies are the most delicious CV's that I have ever tasted.  I wanted to start slowly, but I could not resist.  Today, I had three small servings.  I couldn't believe the taste, because of my previous experiences.  I am spreading the good word about your site.  I completely agree that many people promise to call or order, and then they don't.  But, they will.  They just need more time than the rest of us.  Can you believe that it's 1 am...and I am craving your veggies!  If you ever want to put my testimonial on your site, it will be an honor.  You have a customer for life!  Again, thank you for your courtesy, time and help! Your products are outstanding.  Thank you for being so wonderful.  Have a great week!   - Magda M. of Illinois

   ..."I have tried several other brands of cultured veggies over this past year and I have to say that I had trouble eating them even though I knew my body needed them.  Discovering your cultured veggies was such a blessing!  For the first time I am eating them alone or as snacks and I find myself craving them more and more.  My skin is much clearer and I am the only one in my office who didn't catch what was going around this past winter.  Also, the Cultured Club auto-ship feature is such a great service!  I am a very busy person and I can't always remember to order my veggies.  Now I don't have to worry about running out!  Thank you for making this so easy!"... 
- Shauna T. of New York

   "I wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much I love your cultured veggies.  For the past five years I've taken digestive enzyme supplements and they help a little bit, but when I started eating your veggies I immediately noticed the difference in my digestion.  No bloating after I eat anymore!  The Garden Blend cultured veggies are incredible!  They really help take away my sweet tooth.  Never thought that was possible!  Thanks again for your guidance & advice."  - Madeline H. of Florida

    "I'd like to thank you for a wonderful cultured nutrition workshop last Wednesday night.  I learned so much about cultured foods and I now have a lot more to work with as far as finding creative ways to add cultured foods into my diet.  When is your next workshop?  I have a friend who has severe digestive issues and I know this food and this information will help her.  I look forward to our consultation and thank you for your website.  It is so informative and your logo makes me happy!"  - Carol M. of New York 

    "Thanks for the vegetables. They are terrific!   Please don't ever stop making them.- Susan F. of New York

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