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 Why is Fertility Enhancement/Preconception Health Management so important?

Bearing healthy children is a critical priority in saving the human species from extinction. 
We are indeed in the midst of a health crisis, where the newest generation of children may
not out-live their parents.  This disturbing statistic has set forth a campaign of awareness and education for new parents and parents-to-be about how to take care of themselves BEFORE, during, and after pregnancy, to ensure the passage of vibrant health and immunity to their offspring.

Nearly 80% of a baby's immune system lies within its GI tract.  Some professionals believe this percentage to be even higher - closer to 90%!  If you and your partner establish healthy, balanced  bodies BEFORE conceiving, you will be giving your baby the greatest gift of all - true health for a lifetime! 

How does a Fertility/Preconception Consultation work? 

We will assist you in balancing body chemistry through traditional nutrition recommendations, gentle and effective detoxification protocols, and the removal of external bio-stressors such as chemical/petro-based hygiene and household products and EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) exposure.  Removing these daily assaults on your body will dramatically increase your chances of conceiving!  

By adding cultured and nutrient-rich foods to your diet, you will establish a healthy digestive tract and birth canal - populating them with thriving beneficial microorganisms, to ensure that your baby will be NATURALLY inoculated (the way nature intended) with a hardy inner bio-system at birth. 

By adding organic, unrefined essential fats and minerals to your diet, you will aid your baby in growing a strong brain and strong bones while you create nutrient-rich breast milk that will nourish your baby and its new digestive tract!  These essential nutrients will also replenish you with the necessary building blocks to keep you healthy while nursing and recovering from birth, as well as replenish depleted nutrient reserves to pass on to your future children.

Therapeutic antioxidant and herbal therapies will be used to protect cellular health (including egg AND sperm) from cellular mutation and/or DNA fragmentation, which can both lead to conception, pregnancy, and birth complications. 

. When should we start?

It's never too late to begin balancing your bodies even if you and your partner are actively trying to conceive, currently expecting a baby or have previously given birth.  Preconception Health Management will teach BOTH parents how to replenish their bodies to increase fertility, conceive easily and naturally, and to nourish a new baby while still in the womb once conception takes place.

Parents with ChildRemember, BOTH partners each contribute 50% of the DNA that passes on to a child!  Female egg factors AND male sperm factors both play a role in conception and the quality of pregnancy. 

Morning sickness, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, miscarriage, early delivery, birth defects, autism, Downs Syndrome, and other serious imbalances are all rooted in nutritional deficiencies and multiple environmental and petro-chemical exposures of BOTH parents. 

What kind of commitment is involved?

Because male spermatogenesis takes approximately ninety days, we want to make sure your partner's "new" sperm cells are as healthy as possible BEFORE conception occurs.  Therefore, a MINIMUM of four months of preconception care is recommended for both parents-to-be.  Initial testing will reveal where physiological and foundation weaknesses are present, then therapeutic supplementation and monthly visits will be necessary to monitor your progress.

How long does a typical consultation last and how much will it cost?

Consultation Type  



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Initial Consultation

120 minutes



How do we schedule our consultation?

If you and your significant other are interested in scheduling a consultation, please call (877) 773-9229 or e-mail your consultation request to

You may also visit the online consultation request page of this website to make a consultation inquiry.  Your first and last name, phone number and e-mail address are required to handle your inquiry properly.  Within 24 hours an Immunitrition staff member will contact you to begin the consultation process.

Do we need to do anything to prepare for our consultation?
Before your consultation takes place, your practitioner will be supplying each parent-to-be with a special, two-part written health questionnaire (see in table below) to help analyze each partner's health status.  You and your partner will also be receiving individual e-mail invitations to complete a confidential online Nutritional Analysis through Nutri-Q.  Please follow the prompts to complete and submit this online analysis.  The written questionnaires and online analysis submissions will aid us in recommending the best solutions to apply to your unique fertility goals and needs.  Your consultation cannot take place without this necessary information.  Please fax, snail mail or e-mail each of your questionnaires back to us at least ONE WEEK before your scheduled e-consultation date.  
Please click on the appropriate links in the table below to download your required consultation documents.  For your convenience, we have provided both documents in two different formats - Adobe PDF and Microsoft WORD.  Please e-mail any and all documents to  You may also fax your completed questionnaires to (480) 393-5410.


DOWNLOAD and PRINT Parts 1 and 2 of your Consultation Questionnaires in the table below:

 Part 1

Health Questionnaire (PDF)

Health Questionnaire (Word)

Part 2

3-Day Food Journal (PDF) *

3-Day Food Journal (Word) *

* NOTE: Regarding the 3-Day Food Journal, you will need to print out TWO sets. 
(One set of three days for you and another set of three days for your significant other)

Where will our consultation take place?

Caroline Barringer currently works with clients via Skype only - on weekdays and occasional weekend hours.  Please call Immunitrition at 877-773-9229 to schedule your appointment.  Please note that her waiting list right now is up to 6 months for new clients. 

What other complimentary services are offered at the Immunitrition e-Clinic?

Immunitrition offers a wide variety of health care e-consultations - Fertility Enhancement Consultations, GAPS Consultations, and general Nutritional Therapy Consultations - all conducted from the comfort of your own home.  Caroline will make local house calls for consultations within a 2-hour distance from her professional location on Long Island (Nassau County)Special consultation fees for this in-person service will apply. .

What kind of clothing should we wear to our Fertility Enhancement Consultation?

If your consultation is a private, in-home consultation (additional fees apply), please wear comfortable clothing such as a t-shirt and sweat/stretch pants.  There will be a functional, hands-on assessment performed on you and your significant other during your consultation, therefore tight clothing may not be the best choice for the most accurate testing or your general comfort.

Should we eat or drink before our Fertility Enhancement Consultation?

We prefer that you and your significant other refrain from EATING at least two to three hours before your consultation, but we do hope that you do drink plenty of water to stay properly hydrated before you come in.  Proper hydration is essential to feeling healthy and looking younger!

Should we bring/supply anything along with us to our Fertility Enhancement Consultation?

Yes.  Please bring/list any and all supplements/medications you and your significant other are currently taking (nutritionals, vitamins, homeopathic remedies, herbals, prescription and non-prescription drugs, etc.), as well as any tests either of you have recently taken such as clinical blood tests, hormone panels, digestive stool analysis, heavy metal panels, parasite panels, etc., etc.  You can bring all of your supplement/medication bottles in a shopping bag, basket or cardboard box.  Do not bring the original copies of your medical tests and panels.  Please make copies and bring them to your consultation to keep in your client file.  All client files at the our e-clinic will be kept in a secure location (locked filing cabinet) for your privacy and protection.


How do we pay for our Fertility Enhancement Consultation?     
Immunitrition accepts all major credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover.  Checks and cash are accepted, as well.  Payment is due upon completion of your consultation.


Will it work?

If you've tried everything to conceive with no results, consider Fertility Enhancement Therapy for you and your partner to enhance your overall fertility and conception odds.  If you've already had a child with special needs and you desire to have more children, Preconception Health Management is the answer to having healthy siblings.  Combined with Acupuncture, Body Talk and other complimentary modalities, Fertility Enhancement and Preconception Health Management have proven time and again to be the missing link in modern reproductive health.


Find out more about our Birth Renaissance Trainings.

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