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What are the ingredients of each blend?

Each blend of Immunitrition's Organic Cultured Vegetables has a distinct and unique flavor.  We only buy 100% raw produce that is certified organic by the USDA.  Our L. Plantarum culture is the highest quality probiotic available on the market today!  Here is a breakdown of the ingredients we use to prepare each blend:

Garden Blend - green cabbage, cucumber, collard, dill, red bell pepper, carrot, garlic, a touch of tart green apple, and probiotic starter blended in a brine of celery juice inoculated with culture starter.

Sea Blend - green cabbage, kale, daikon, wakame sea vegetable, carrot, parsley, a touch of tart green apple, and probiotic starter blended in a brine of celery juice inoculated with culture starter.

Sunshine Blend - green cabbage, carrot, golden beet, sweet potato, yellow bell pepper, ginger, cilantro, a touch of tart green apple, and probiotic starter blended in a brine of celery juice inoculated with culture starter.

How and where do I purchase Immunitrition Organic Cultured Vegetables?

To purchase our CV's please visit our ONLINE STORE or place your order by phone by calling (877) 773-9229You may also e-mail your order to:  Orders by fax, send to: (480) 393-5410.  All order inquiries will be answered/addressed within 48 business hours.

Why does Immunitrition add a culture starter to ferment the vegetables?

We add a culture starter to ensure your veggies are bursting with beneficial microorganisms.  Traditional culturing methods rely on the microbes already present on the vegetables and in the surrounding environment to inoculate the veggies.  Sometimes you have no way of knowing exactly what strains of microbes are naturally present.  There could be a concentration of non-beneficial microbes and possibly even pathogenic ones.  That's why we choose inoculate with a fast-growing, hardy strain of microorganisms called L. Plantarum that quickly crowds out any undesirable microbes resulting in a superior cultured food!    

Why does Immunitrition add a small amount of tart, green apple to each blend?

Beneficial microorganisms need a food supply to stay alive and to multiply.  The tart, granny smith, green apple is a viable food source for the beneficial microbes.  The small amount of sugar present in the apple is LONG GONE before you consume your CV's.  Those who are suffering from candida need not worry.  The sugar has been consumed by the microbes and ensures a potent cultured product to combat candida and it's negative effects on the body.    

Why does Immunitrition use organic celery juice as the culturing brine?

Organic celery juice is a superior source of organic sodium.  Many people crave salty foods because their bodies are lacking in this beneficial mineral.  

Immunitrition does not add organic sea salt to our veggies due to the fact that salt is actually an anti-microbial and we want out veggies to be as microbial-rich as possible.  We also prefer to use celery juice to add that delicious flavor unique to our cultured vegetables! 

What is the suggested serving size of CV's at each meal? 

It is best to have at least a half-cup of CV's with each meal.  You'll be amazed how they enhance the flavors of other foods.  They also seem to keep that "after dinner bloated feeling" from ever surfacing.  Once you regularly incorporate CV's into your diet, you will immediately begin to see the positive changes they bring to your digestive processes.

What are the Nutritional Facts of each blend of CV's?

  • View Nutrition Facts Panels for each Organic Blend HERE

What is the probiotic (beneficial bacteria) potency in your CV's?

  • Probiotic Potency: Each 6 ounce serving of our veggies (any blend) contains 10 TRILLION organisms (54 billion per gram)!
  • ONE JAR (32 oz.) of our veggies is equal to 5 FULL BOTTLES OF A HIGH POTENCY PROBIOTIC! SUPPLEMENT!  A typical bottle of probiotic capsules (60 to 90 count) sells for $40 or more.  You would have to spend over $200.00 to receive the same potency of probiotic organisms that are in just ONE JAR ($20.00 or less) of our organic cultured vegetables.  
  • ONE CASE (SIX 32 oz. jars) is equal to 30 FULL BOTTLES OF A HIGH POTENCY PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENT!  You would have to purchase over $1200.00 of probiotic supplements to receive the same potency of probiotic organisms that are in just ONE CASE ($105.00 value) of our organic cultured vegetables. 
Dr. Joseph Mercola states the following in an article on his website... "It's worth noting that each mouthful of fermented food can provide trillions of beneficial bacteria—far more than you can get from a probiotics supplement, which will typically provide you with colony-forming units in the billions. I thought this would be a good analysis, so I tested fermented vegetables produced with our probiotic starter culture to determine their probiotic potency and was astounded to discover they had 10 trillion colony-forming units of bacteria. Literally, one serving of vegetables was equal to an entire bottle of a high potency probiotic!" 

How long will my CV's last?

Unopened, CV's can last up to 8 months in the refrigerator at 38 degrees, maybe even longer!  After opening, CV's stay nutritious for about a month, so don't worry if you don't eat them up right away (but you probably will because they are so delicious)!  Once you refrigerate your CV's, you cannot take them back out expecting the fermentation process to continue at a significant rate.  The microorganisms are fast asleep and the culturing process has been greatly reduced.  Fermented foods have quite a long shelf life.  In fact, sprouting and culturing (fermenting) was a convenient way to preserve foods before refrigeration even existed.  Mother nature surely gave us a magnificent gift when she handed us probiotic microorganisms!  

Why do I need to allow 2 to 3 weeks (business days only) to receive my shipment cultured vegetables? 

The first time you order cultured veggies from Immunitrition, it may take up to 7 to 10 days to receive your first order.  Sometimes we have a rush of new sales, depleting our stock.  We prepare our veggies fresh EACH week.  We must allow 5 to 7 days for proper fermentation to take place.  Then we must refrigerate for 24 to 48 hours to slow down the fermentation process.  Refrigeration is only necessary if we are shipping your vegetables.  With all the banging around during shipping, the veggies are very likely to pop their tops like a shaken soda bottle!  If you arrange a local pick-up, your veggies will most likely NOT be refrigerated.  We want to save the cold space for our out-of-state orders. 

If you plan to send our veggies to another party, please be sure to refrigerate for a couple of days before sending or we will be happy to drop-ship the veggies directly to the recipient of your choice.  Better yet, Immunitrition Gift Certificates are available for purchase as well.  This way your friends, relatives, colleagues, etc., will be able to choose their gift, having it sent directly to them.

One way to ensure you'll never run out of your veggies or wait 7 to 10 days for your order is to join our "Cultured Club" with the free "Auto-Ship" option.   For more information and to purchase your membership today click here!  (You will be directed to our ONLINE STORE.)

The materials we purchase to ship our cultured veggies are 100% eco-friendly!  All shipping boxes and protective jar wrappings are made of recycled corrugated and our packing p-nuts are made from 100% corn starch, which completely dissolve in water!

When I receive my cultured vegetables are they ready to be refrigerated?

Upon receiving your shipment of cultured vegetables, they are ready to be refrigerated - EVEN THOUGH they will stay fresh and delicious at room temperature well past the time it will take to consume them.  Cultured veggies have an amazing shelf life!  For example, if you wish to take them on a camping or hiking trip, your veggies will remain fresh and delicious for months.  They will continue to slowly ferment taking on a softer consistency with a more pungent kraut-like flavor.  We like to leave our veggies out for months at a time.  They're fabulous! 

When your veggies arrive, it's best to refrigerate them if you are happy with their taste and texture.  Otherwise, you can customize the taste of your veggies to your liking by leaving them out at room temperature for as long as it takes to please your palate.  The veggies will slowly become softer and tarter over time outside of the refrigerator.  When you like how your veggies taste, just put them into the back of the refrigerator and set the temperature to 38 degrees and the veggies will hold for many months at that stage of culturing.  The warmer the refrigerator - especially above 40 degrees - the more the veggies will culture and will not hold their taste and texture over a longer period of time.  You can purchase an inexpensive refrigerator thermometer at your local hardware store.  Keeping your refrigerator set at 38 degrees will also extend the shelf life of other foods as well, saving you money on your grocery bill!

What is the most effective way to store my cultured vegetables?

The very best way to store you veggies is to put them at the back of the refrigerator away from any freeze zones.  Do not store your veggies on the refrigerator door.  It's warmer there and the veggies will continue to culture.  This isn't a "bad" thing, but if you like your veggies the way they arrived (taste, texture, sourness) you may not want them to culture further, which results in a softer, sourer product. 

DO NOT eat your veggies directly out of the jar.  Your mouth bacteria can easily contaminate them and give the veggies an "off" flavor.  Instead, spoon out the desired serving and with a clean, large spoon, press the veggies down as much as possible under the natural juice (brine) in the jar.  Place the provided cabbage leaf back on top to keep the oxygen out.  Seal well and place the jar in the back of the fridge.

FUN FACT: The peanuts used to package your product are 100% corn starch and will dissolve completely under warm water!  

 NOTE:  Due to the fact that our cultured vegetables are a "living" food, there may be expansion or settling of the product during shipping.  If exposed to a warm environment, the veggies may expand.  If exposed to a cold environment, the veggies may contract and settle.  This is normal and will not affect the potency, efficacy or taste of your veggies.  Sold by weight, not by volume. 


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How do I schedule my consultation?  

If you are interested in scheduling Fertility Enhancement Consultation, GAPS Consultation, or general Nutritional Therapy Consultation, please call (877) 773-9229 or e-mail your consultation request to  You may also visit and complete the Fertility Enhancement Consultation Request Form on this website to make a consultation inquiryYour first and last name, phone number and e-mail address are required to handle your inquiry properly.  Within 24 hours an Immunitrition representative will contact you to begin the consultation scheduling process.      


Do I need to do anything to prepare for my consultation?

Before your actual consultation takes place, Immunitrition will be supplying you with a special, online nutritional assessment questionnaire and several other documents that you will need to complete to better help us analyze your health status, as well as the health status of your significant other.  These important documents will aid us in recommending the best solutions to apply to your unique health and fertility goals and needs.  Your consultation cannot take place without this necessary information.  Please fax, snail mail or e-mail your questionnaires back to us at least ONE WEEK before your Fertility Consultation date.  You may see some repeat questions throughout these questionnaires.  This is intentional and will help us to see the "over all" picture of your current health status and fertility concerns.  NOTE: Regarding the 3-Day Food Journal, you will need to print out THREE copies - one copy for each of the three days you will be documenting your food intake.  Please do the same for your significant other.   

Please mail to the address listed on the last page of your "Confidential Health Questionnaire" .  You may also fax your completed questionnaire and associated documents (blood tests, hormone panels, etc., etc.) to (480) 393-5410 or e-mail to:


Where will my consultation take place?

Caroline Barringer currently works with clients via Skype only - on weekdays and occasional weekend hours.  Please call Immunitrition at 877-773-9229 to schedule your appointment.  Please note that her waiting list right now is up to 6 months for new clients. 

What other services are offered at the Immunitrition e-Clinic?

Immunitrition offers a wide variety of health care e-consultations - Fertility Enhancement Consultations, GAPS Consultations, and general Nutritional Therapy Consultations - all conducted from the comfort of your own home.  Caroline will make local house calls for consultations within a 2-hour distance from her professional location on Long Island (Nassau County)Special consultation fees for this in-person service will apply. 

What kind of clothing should I wear to my consultation?

Please wear comfortable clothing such as a t-shirt and sweat/stretch pants.  There will be a functional, hands-on assessment performed on you and your significant other during your Nutritional Fertility consultation, therefore tight clothing may not be the best choice for the most accurate testing or general comfort during your Fertility Consultation.    

Should I eat or drink before my consultation?

We prefer that you refrain from EATING at least two to three hours before your consultation, but we do hope that you do drink plenty of water to stay properly hydrated before you come in.  Proper hydration is essential to feeling healthy and looking younger!


Should I bring/supply anything before my consultation?

Yes.  Please bring any and all supplements/medications you and your significant other are currently taking (nutritionals, vitamins, homeopathic remedies, herbals, prescription and non-prescription drugs, etc.) as well as any tests either of you have recently taken such as clinical blood tests, hormone panels, digestive stool analysis, heavy metal panels, parasite panels, etc., etc.  You can bring all of your supplement/medication bottles in a shopping bag, basket or cardboard box.  Do not bring the original copies of your medical tests and panels.  Please make copies and bring these new copies to your consultation to keep in your client file.  All client files at the Immunitrition e-Clinic will be kept in a secure location (locked filing cabinet) for your privacy and protection.

How do I pay for my consultation?    

Immunitrition accepts all major credit cards - Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover.  Payment is due upon completion of your consultation.  You can call us with your credit card number at (877) 773-9229 or you can buy your consultation right online at our ONLINE STORE.  If you prefer to send a personal/business check or money order, please make all checks and money orders payable to Immunitrition, LLC and mail your payment along with your health questionnaires to the following business mailing address:

Immunitrition, LLC

P.O. Box 430 

Franklin Square, NY  11010-0430 

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Do I need to pre-register for an Immunitrition event, lecture and/or workshop?

Yes.  We would greatly appreciate if you would pre-register for our future workshops and/or lectures.  This will help us to properly plan for the event, making sure we have enough materials, samples and seating to accommodate everyone.  Each scheduled event will have a sign-up deadline date.  Please pre-register before this deadline date to reserve your spot!  Click here to pre-register by entering your contact information.  Please indicate in the comment/question box which event you are planning to attend.  


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The following guidelines apply to redeeming Immunitrition gift certificates:

  • Redeemable via phone/, Internet, or at any Immunitrition event.
  • Not redeemable for cash and not transferable.
  • No more than one gift certificate can be redeemed per transaction.
  • Promotions and/or coupons cannot be applied towards the purchase of gift certificates.
  • Shipping and handling and tax (if applicable) are not included in certificate coverage.
  • The total amount of your gift certificate(s) cannot exceed the total amount of your order. Gift certificates may be applied only for the total amount indicated on the gift certificate; partial redemption of certificates is not permitted. The customer is responsible for any remaining balance.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail at or call us at (877) 773-9229, Monday through Friday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm EST.


Can I redeem my gift certificate(s) at your online store? (

Yes.  You can apply the amount of your gift certificate to your online order at the time you are ready to checkout.  Listed on the right side of your gift certificate there will be a "savings code".  All you need to do is enter this code when prompted at checkout.  It's that easy!  The dollar amount will be removed from your shopping cart total before any shipping or tax charges are added to your order.    


Will my Immunitrition gift certificate(s) expire?

Yes.  Immunitrition gift certificates expire exactly one year from the purchase date.

Click gift certificate icon above to purchase 

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How long will my Immunitrition "Cultured Club" membership last?

Your Cultured Club membership will last for exactly one year from the purchase date of your membership.  We will notify you of your renewal date via e-mail.    


How much does it cost to join the "Cultured Club"?

To become a Cultured Club member for one year costs $39.99.  You will have to renew each year to maintain your membership status.  Click here or call 877-773-9229 to purchase your membership today!


May I cancel my "Cultured Club" membership?

Yes.  You may cancel your membership at any time.  If you cancel within the first thirty days of your enrollment, Immunitrition will refund your membership fee in full.  After thirty days, your membership can be canceled, but your membership fee will not be refundable at that time.   


As a "Cultured Club" member, do I have to enroll in the "Auto-ship" program?

No.  Immunitrition offers this service to all Cultured Club members as a free option.  You will receive all the other benefits of a Cultured Club member without having to take advantage of the Auto-ship program. 


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How do I sign up for this private food club?

We would love to have you as a member of the "Milk-It & Real Foods" Club.  Requesting membership is FREE and easy! Simply visit the Milk-It & Real Foods Club page on this website and follow the instructions to join listed there.  Once we put you in touch with our farm administrators, they will guide you to sign up for your annual C.A.R.E. Membership (C.A.R.E. stand for "Community Alliance for Responsible Eco-Farming"), which is required to shop online from the farms.  There is an annual fee to be a member of C.A.R.E. and the farm administrators will provide you with the necessary information to make this annual payment each year you wish to stay an active member and shop from the farms.  The farm representatives will guide you through each step of the process so you will be able to shop from both farms if you so desire.


How long will my "Milk-It & Real Foods" Club membership last?

Your "Milk-It" club membership will last forever as long as you keep your annual C.A.R.E. membership currentAgain, the farm administrators will remind you when you renew your C.A.R.E. membership each year, so that you will be able to continue to shop from the farms. 


May I cancel my membership?

Yes.  You may cancel your "Milk-It" and C.A.R.E. memberships at any time.  Please contact Immunitrition to cancel your "Milk-It" membership and please contact C.A.R.E. directly to cancel your memberships.  The C.A.R.E. contact information will be located on your C.A.R.E. membership application


How often will I receive my order?

Your pick up times for each farm at each delivery will be different, so the farm administrators will inform you of the closest delivery point to you and at what time you should be present at the delivery site to pick up your farm order.  If you cannot pick up your order during their designated times, please arrange for someone to pick it up for you.  Otherwise, your food will have to go back to the farm.  Just be sure to follow all order instructions outlined by each farm you order from (if there is more than one in your area, which is not always the case).     


How long is it safe to freeze my milk?

REAL milk is safe to freeze for up to four to six months.  When thawed, it will have that fresh, organic, raw taste you love!


What is the best way to thaw my frozen milk?

The very best way to ensure your milk thaws properly is to promptly remove your milk from the freezer, placing it into the refrigerator.  It will then slowly thaw in the refrigerator over a two to three day period.  If you plan to culture the milk into yogurt or kefir, you may wish to set the jug of milk in warm water to thaw.  In a matter of hours your milk will be nice and warm to safely introduce your culture/starter.  The beneficial, probiotic organisms you introduce will love the warm, sweet environment of the milk and begin to culture in as little as 20 to 30 minutes.  Within 24 hours you will have a delicious cultured milk product.  When desired thickness and tartness is reached, simply put your cultured milk into the refrigerator to slow down the fermentation process while locking in the flavor.  Enjoy!   

What is the best way to thaw frozen meat?

Never thaw frozen meat on your counter top.  Bacteria can grow quickly using this method.  Always thaw frozen meats in your refrigerator for a couple of days (48 hours).  This should be plenty of time for it to thaw and be ready for cooking.  You may also thaw frozen meat by placing the package in hot water for several minutes.  This method should only be used if you plan to prepare and consume the meat right away.  Never re-freeze thawed meat.  Not only is this not a safe practice, but the meat will be quite tough when cooked.  

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