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“The building is a special place because of its architecture, but it's people who make it special by participating in it.”
~ Charlie Chaplin
A sense of community is an important ingredient for establishing a peaceful and progressive society.

Human beings are, by nature, social beings.  We live in a society where we like to communicate and share our feelings, thoughts, and opinions with others. 

The human desire for belonging, participation, sharing, and togetherness lies in the soul of each and every individual.  These desires lead to the creation of community due to the given fact that people innately like to spend quality time together and cooperate with each other. 

You have the power to enrich and nurture your life through connecting with others, and by actively participating in community activities.  These social connections will enable you to create lasting changes for you, your family, and your community — and ultimately for the world we all share!

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GET INVOLVED!  Join your local CSA; Shop at local organic Food Co-ops or Farmer's Markets; Join a Weston A. Price Chapter or G.R.O.W.W. Chapter in your area.