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We want to show you how easy it is to culture your own SUPER FOODS at home!

Watch Caroline Barringer and Tamara Yapp as they share helpful tips and instructions to prepare your own Cultured Vegetables.

Get together with your family, friends, and neighbors and have a culturing party!  Share the knowledge of how to prepare the world's most delicious, nutritious, immune-building, disease-fighting foods on the planet!  HAVE FUN AND MAKE YOUR OWN MEDICINE using FOOD!

When possible, please try to use organic ingredients.  They are much healthier and wholesome to culture. 


The culturing instructions below are available as Adobe PDF documents.  Simply click on any of the pictures below
and the PDF text file will open automatically.  You may want to print out the instructions and save them for future reference.

Coconut Water Kefir

Milk Kefir

Milk Kefir
Coconut Pudding

Coconot Meat Pudding

Cultured Vegetables

Jar of Cultured Vegetables
Cultured Salsa

Cultured Butter



If you need to buy culture starters, please visit our ONLINE STORE or call (877) 773-9229.

Note: Culture starter+, kefir starter++, and yogurt starter are three different starters. 

+ The culture starter makes cultured butter, cultured sour cream, cultured whipped cream, and cultured vegetables.  It will NOT will make yogurt properly.  The culture starter and the yogurt starter each have different species of beneficial bacteria and will yield different results.  

++ The kefir starter will not make yogurt either.  Use the kefir starter to coconut water kefir, coconut meat pudding, and milk kefir.