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CULTURED NUTRITION                                                                                                                                                                     

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"The science and art of fermentation is, in fact, the basis of human culture: without culturing, there is no culture...  Culture begins at the farm, not at the opera house, and binds a people to a land and its artisans." ~ Sally Fallon-Morell - President of the Weston A. Price Foundation

Pictured above (clockwise starting from top left): Culturing Kombucha, Live Kefir Grains, Sourdough Starter, Cultured Pickle Crock, and Sauerkraut
Adding cultured foods to your daily diet can have a profoundly positive effect on your health, bringing you "culture" in a way you never thought possible. 

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If you have a dental cavity, don't blame it on your toothpaste; blame it on your diet! 
Did you know that eating CULTURED foods can make a dramatic improvement to your health?

Ancient civilizations thrived on these types of medicinal foods knowing they were full of health building nutrients, and that they replenished and encouraged the colonization and growth of beneficial, life-giving organisms (probiotics) throughout the digestive tract, which houses nearly 80% of the human immune system.  Sadly, in our modern American culture, we've lost this valuable ancient dietary knowledge.  The current state of our nation's physical and mental health shows just how poor our diets really are, and that we're missing the necessary nutrients to support our general well-being. 

Before the discovery of fire, nature's food preservation processes were in full bloom.  Culturing (or fermenting) foods was a way for our ancestors to naturally preserve food so they would have nourishment in times where food was not so plentiful.  What they didn't realize is that this natural, lactic acid food preservation method made the nutrients in food much more bio-available and that they were largely responsible for creating and maintaining a hardy immune system for good health and longevity.

Dr. Price
Weston A. Price, known as the "Charles Darwin of Nutrition" was a dentist who dedicated his life to traveling the world via steamship to study isolated cultures and their dental health in relation to diet.  He discovered that when primitive people abandoned their native dietary practices, their dental and physical health suffered rapid degeneration.  Conversely, if they did not stray from their native diet, dental, physical and mental states remained robust throughout their lives. 

Dr. Price also discovered that nearly every indigenous group had their own cultured foods that they prepared and consumed on a regular basis.  These medicinal delights included yogurt, kefir, aged cheeses, beverages, sauerkraut, pickled fruits and veggies, sourdough breads, and other lactic acid cultures.  These foods were prized for maintaining strong digestive fire, promoting regular elimination, supporting detoxification, enhancing fertility and immunity, as well as many other health-building physiological processes.

If you have never tried cultured foods or if you are curious about preparing your own cultured treats, consider enrolling in our
"Certified Healing Foods Specialist (CHFS) Training", or visit our "Culturing Instructions" web page and dive right into the amazing process of lactic acid fermentation. Your body will thank you!