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Nurture Planet has become a hub for the teaching and practice of this fast growing method, offering a full spectrum of training programs as developed by the International BodyTalk Association (IBA).

Why Learn BodyTalk?

While you will always benefit from experiencing a BodyTalk session, you will greatly increase that  by learning about the BodyTalk System.  By learning how to practice it on yourself and others, people have emerged from the courses and training with a renewed passion for healthcare for themselves and others.

You do not have to want to become a certified practitioner to participate.  Incorporating so many different systems of medicine and healing techniques makes learning BodyTalk an invaluable experience for everyone.  It has been referred to as the energy medicine of the future, and can be practiced by anyone, anywhere. Through the extensive course of modules, you can learn about Eastern and Western Medicine, Traditional, Conventional & Alternative Therapies, Manual Manipulations, Anatomy, Astrology and more.  It will deepen your understanding of the human body, illness & injury, emotions, energetics and philosophy; and will give you a new perspective on the world and how you operate in it.

For the layperson: it is easy to learn.  It can allow you to help your friends and family or it can provide an opportunity for an exciting new career.  For the healthcare professional: If you are currently a healthcare provider or caregiver, you will do yourself and your patients & clients a great service by studying the BodyTalk System.  It will engage you in holistic medicine in the truest sense of the word, and will broaden the scope of your current practice.  Experienced and established healthcare professionals have integrated it into their practices, with quicker patient response times, better recoveries and longer-lasting results.

A more detailed and thorough description of Body Talk can be found at

BODYTALK TRAINING SCHEDULE:  View the complete BodyTalk Trainng schedule here.