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Your Products and Services introduced to a unique audience of thousands each day!

We appreciate your interest in advertising with us.  Over the last seven years has gained a huge amount of visibility on the web and we want you to be able to benefit by tapping into our target market with your symbiotic product or service.  We are all in this health movement together, so if we promote each others' services with honesty and integrity, we can help more people realize that they are indeed in control of their own health and well-being!   

Available Advertising Opportunities

1. Immunitrition Health-e-Newsletter Ads

2. 125 x 125 Web Banner Ad

3. 300 x 250 Web Banner Ad

Because our website requires daily maintenance by our staff, there is a considerable investment of time and money involved.  To offset these investments in our company and our employees, we currently accept advertisements from RESEARCHED and TRUSTED companies and vendors.  We will ONLY advertise, endorse, and recommend products and services we personally use and that are parallel with our paradigm of clean eating and living. 

For a newsletter or website ad quote, please contact us at 877-773-9229 or send an inquiry to:

We look forward to working with you.  Here's to your success!